As living beings, we are constantly moving. If it’s running, walking, riding a bike, playing sports, eating, or working towards a non-physical goal we set for ourselves, the Wheel House Team believes movement is a key building block to leading an active and successful life. Physical movement in activities like exercising and playing sports allows us to challenge ourselves and others to attain this metaphoric movement of positivity. Not only can we train our bodies by building and maintaining strength, agility, balance, and speed, but we can also train our minds by moving negative energy and thought processes aside to make room for more positive and uplifting ways of thinking. Things consistently move and change around us and it takes discipline to accept those changes as new and exciting good opportunities to achieve success. Competition builds confidence! We compete with ourselves and each other, both physically and mentally, to strive to live healthy and on a higher level of positivity. Whether it’s landing a new trick, a new personal squat record or opening a business, we set goals and move towards them with the discipline to get rid of negativity and make changes necessary to achieve our goals. All these moves we make, in our minds and bodies, build our confidence and mold us into successors!


  • Building Block to Life
  • Exercising / Playing Sports
  • Seizing Opportunity


  • Having a Motivated Mentality
  • Moving Towards Goals
  • Moving Negativity Aside for Positivity
  • Competition Builds Confidence
  • Confidence is Success


  • Changes makes you flexible
  • Change makes you smarter
  • Change reminds us that anything is possible